2021 Toyota C-HR white under blue lights with purple light accents

What Are the Color Options for the 2021 Toyota C-HR

The 2021 Toyota C-HR might get passed over a lot because of its size, but it deserves attention as one of the most stylish and interesting subcompact crossovers out there. Toyota offers two-tone exteriors for the 2021 Toyota C-HR and regular single-tone exteriors for a total of twelve exterior color options. You can see them all in this post, or you can test drive them in person at Ammaar’s Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California.

To express your style, pick one of the six two-tone exteriors. Otherwise, if you want to be quirky (by today’s standards) you can pick the beige-ish Oxide Bronze. It harkens back to colors not commonly seen since the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. You can see each color here:

2021 Toyota C-HR blizzard pearl with black roof

Blizzard Pearl with Black Roof

2021 Toyota C-HR blizzard pearl

Blizzard Pearl

2021 Toyota C-HR oxide bronze

Oxide Bronze

2021 Toyota C-HR supersonic red

Supersonic Red

2021 Toyota C-HR blue eclipse metallic

Blue Eclipse Metallic

2021 Toyota C-HR black sand pearl

Black Sand Pearl

2021 Toyota C-HR magnetic gray metallic

Magnetic Gray Metallic

2021 Toyota C-HR bronze with black roof

Oxide Bronze with Black Roof

2021 Toyota C-HR red with black roof

Supersonic Red with Black Roof

2021 Toyota C-HR blue with black roof

Blue Eclipse Metallic with Black Roof

2021 Toyota C-HR Black sand pearl with knockout metallic roof

Black Sand Pearl with Knockout Metallic Roof

2021 Toyota C-HR Magnetic gray metallic with black roof

Magnetic Gray Metallic with Black Roof