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Two glasses of red and white wine

Top 3 Wineries in Vacaville, CA Every Wine Lover Must Visit

Where to Find Wineries in Vacaville, CA 

Wine is a classic accompaniment to any meal, and Vacaville makes the perfect central point for wine lovers in California. Ever been to the wineries around Vacaville, California? If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? There are many wineries in the area that have sought to be a part of the wine culture in one way or another. Some try their hands at producing wines for a wide variety of consumers, others focus on producing premium wines for connoisseurs. If you’re looking to visit some wine regions and enjoy some great-tasting wine, keep reading this Toyota of Vacaville blog post to find out!

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Christmas Eve Dinner

Top 4 Restaurants That are Open for Christmas Eve Dinner in Vacaville, CA

Which Restaurants are Open on Christmas Eve in Vacaville, CA?

It’s that time of the year when everyone is scrambling to find last-minute gifts, stocking up on food for the family feast, and trying to figure out what to do for their Christmas Eve dinner. With so much in the air, it can be hard to know which restaurants are open on Christmas Eve in Vacaville, CA, and serve a menu that will satisfy everyone. Here are the top 4 restaurants that are open for Christmas Eve dinner. One of them might be perfect for you. Keep reading this Toyota of Vacaville blog post to find out!

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A man waiting for road-side assistance

Road Trip Safety: 10 Must-Have Items for an Emergency Road Kit

What to Pack in a Road Trip Emergency Kit 

If you’re traveling on the road, there may come a time when your car breaks down, or worse yet, you meet with an accident. In those cases, it’s important to have your supplies together and ready to go. Wondering what to pack in a road trip emergency kit? Let’s take a sneak peek at the 10 must-have items for an emergency road kit. Continue reading this Toyota of Vacaville blog post! 

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Two guys tasting beers in brewery

3 Fun Things to Do near Vacaville, CA: An Insider’s Guide

What are the best things to do in and around Vacaville, CA? 

Vacaville, CA is one of the beautiful cities in Northern California’s Solano County and is known for its clean, comfortable, and safe residents. When people make local travel plans, they tend to skip over Vacaville and nearby cities as viable options. Well, you’re in luck, since they have a lot of fun things to offer. If you are new to this city, this Toyota of Vacaville blog post will guide you to some extravagant fun things to do in Vacaville, CA. 

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Vacaville countryside

Where to go on a road trip around Vacaville, CA

Where to go on a road trip around Vacaville, CA

Want to make the most of your hard-earned weekend? You might want to go on a fantastic road trip with your family or friends. Home to eminent sportspersons and artists like Papa Roach rock band, the town of Vacaville is surrounded by plenty of places to visit located within a short drive.  If you’re thinking about where to go on a road trip around Vacaville, CA, we have the answer. Read on to know more.

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person texting and driving close up on hands at wheel

Updated Distracted Driving Law About to Go Into Effect in Vacaville, CA

It should be common sense that driving while distracted isn’t a good thing. It should also come as no surprise that laws exist to punish those who deliberately do distracting activities like texting while driving, yet it still happens every day. While a fine for distracted driving is already the law in California, the law is updating effective July 1st, 2021. Learn more about what’s coming by reading the rest of this entry. If you are looking for a new car, come visit Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California today!

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emergency light on police vehicle at night

Vacaville, CA Drivers: “Move Over, Slow Down” Law Amended

In case you didn’t know, driving laws in California are changing a little bit every year. As of the beginning of 2021 the “Move Over, Slow Down” law that was already in effect is being updated to further improve the safety of workers with emergency vehicles. To learn more details about this change, continue reading the rest of this blog post. Also, come visit us at Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California, today!

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patio furniture on brick patio behind house

Where to Buy Patio Furniture in Vacaville, CA

Spring is in full force, and summer is approaching. Are you looking back at your patio furniture and wondering if it’s ready to hold up much longer? Maybe you just have a lot of older patio chairs and would like to upgrade. No matter your reason, now is a great time to go shopping for new patio furniture so you can enjoy the longer sunny days outside. If what you really need is a new or used car, come to Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California!

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