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2022 Toyota Sienna in black color

What Makes the 2022 Toyota Sienna a Great Vehicle?

2022 Toyota Sienna Performance Features  

A minivan that doesn’t look like one has all the advantages. Yes, we’re referring to the all-new Toyota Sienna for 2022. Everyone is drawn to it because of its modern design, bright accents, and athletic construction. Consider parking this gorgeous minivan in your driveway. Dark-chrome highlights on the front grille and headlights give the new Sienna’s Woodland Edition trim an energetic vibe. If you want the Cement exterior color and 18-inch polished wheels, you’ll need to upgrade to the new Woodland Edition, as these items are exclusive to this trim. What makes the 2022 Toyota Sienna a great vehicle? Read this blog by Ammaar’s Toyota of Vacaville to learn more about the 2022 Toyota Sienna performance features. Visit us in Vacaville, CA, to check out our inventory!  

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dashboard view of a Toyota with the hand of the driver holding a phone with Wi-Fi signal on the phone's screen

Stay Connected to Your Friends and Family with Toyota Wi-Fi Connect! 

How Do I Use My Toyota Wi-Fi Hotspot? 

All Toyota owners know that Toyota vehicles are great performers with exceptional fuel economy and off-road capabilities. Along with exhilarating performance, Toyota vehicles offer a range of convenience features to keep everyone comfortable on long rides. In addition to comfort, they also provide peace of mind with their connected services.  

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white paint scuffs on red car close up

How to Remove Paint Scuffs from your Car

Sometimes even dents in your car’s body can stand out less than a bad paint scuff or paint transfer. If you have recently “traded paint” with another car, or part of a parking canopy support beam, you can pick up a few tools to help get rid of the mark. Provided your paint wasn’t scraped off, you can remove paint from something else on your own. Learn how by reading the rest of this blog entry, and come visit Ammaar’s Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California to see what’s new!

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hand reaching for hvac controls in car dashboard

Is Air Conditioning more Fuel Efficient than Rolling Down Windows?

It’s almost summer already, and this little debate is about to start going around again. Is it more fuel-efficient to roll your windows down or blast the A/C when it gets really hot? Some claim A/C burns too much gas to be more efficient, while others swear that the drag created by open windows causes your car to consume more fuel than it would if the A/C was on. The truth is a lot more nuanced, and we can explore it further in this blog post. If you have A/C trouble or window problems, schedule a time to bring your car to Toyota of Vacaville for a service appointment today!

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close up on windshield wiper

How to Change Windshield Wipers on your Toyota

Windshield wipers can be difficult to change if you haven’t done it before or never seen someone do it. Part of the problem is that not all wiper blades are made the same. Since most Toyota vehicles have a J-hook style wiper blade arm, we will share with you how to replace one of these wiper blades. If you don’t want to change them yourself, you can bring your car to the Toyota of Vacaville service department and we can change them out for you instead! Or just come and buy wipers from us and put them on yourself.

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hand holding vacuum hose cleaning interior of car

What Tools Do I Need to Detail my Car?

Detailing a car isn’t the same as simply cleaning it out and giving it a wash. Most people take their car to a carwash and use the vacuums there to clean out their car, but it’s nowhere near as deep a clean. Detailing is satisfying to watch, but not everyone finds it enjoyable to do. If you want to detail your own car, check out the rest of this post or bring it into Toyota of Vacaville and have it cleaned right here in Vacaville, California!

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2021 Toyota Corolla white back view with woman and phone

Toyota App how-to videos and tutorials

What can you use the Toyota App for?

Do you own a Toyota? Then you should have the Toyota App installed on your phone. What can you use the Toyota App for? A whole lot it turns out, and the features are always expanding. To help get you started with the app, we’ve put several Toyota App tutorials together in one place to cover things like remote start, using your owner’s manual, and more. Watch and learn.

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