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Toyota Tire Center title and a row of tires

Where can I get tires for my Toyota vehicle in Vacaville CA?

There are many reasons to have high-quality tires for your Toyota vehicle. They provide better performance and higher fuel economy. They improve traction and create a smoother ride. High-quality tires also provide a safer driving experience.

Do you want to get high-quality and reasonably priced tires for your Toyota vehicle? Are you from Vacaville or elsewhere in the Solano County-area? Check out the Toyota Tire Center at Toyota Vacaville!

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Can you use lower or higher octane fuel than what is recommended for your vehicle?

Have you ever pulled up to the pump at a gas station and noticed the lower octane fuel is cheaper? Or perhaps you wondered if a higher octane fuel will help you achieve better fuel economy. If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations, we have some answers for you regarding whether you can use a lower or higher octane fuel than what is recommended for your specific car. Read the rest of this entry >>


Should you turn your A/C off before turning off your car?

A lot of interesting questions come up when you own a vehicle. Perhaps you heard something from an old mechanic or a trusted mentor gave you some automotive advice. But is any of it true? One thing you may have heard is that you need to make sure to turn off your car’s air conditioning before switching off the engine. Below, we’ll dig a little deeper into that piece of advice and the reasoning behind it. Read the rest of this entry >>


What’s the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?

If you own a vehicle, you probably get your oil changed around twice a year, or more often if you spend more time on the road. Chances are you’ve also been asked whether you prefer conventional or synthetic oil in your car. But what’s the difference? As it turns out, there are a lot of distinctions that set these two oil types apart from one another. Read on to find out what they are. Read the rest of this entry >>