What do the colored lines on the Toyota backup camera mean?

Although there are plenty of innovative and advanced vehicle technologies out there, one that comes out on the top of our list is the backup camera. All Toyota models either come standard with a backup camera or offer it as available equipment, allowing drivers to have eyes in the back of their head, so to speak. But what do those colored lines on the backup display mean? How can they help you be more confident when backing up and maneuvering in reverse?

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Meanings of Toyota backup camera lines

Vertical lines on the sides (either yellow or blue): These lines show the width of your vehicle and estimate where you’ll go if you back straight up. If your backup camera offers dynamic guidelines, these lines will move accordingly as you turn your steering wheel.

Horizontal red line: This line is closest to your vehicle and represents the area about 18 inches (or a foot and a half) from the rear of your car. This distance might be smaller if you’re on a sloping or bumpy surface.

Next horizontal line (either yellow or blue): The yellow or blue line behind the red line represents the area about 3 feet from the bumper of your vehicle, give or take a little bit. Be forewarned, this line can get a bit distorted as you look away from the center of the camera, due to the shaping of the camera.

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If you’re wondering how to use the backup camera in your Toyota vehicle (2015 model-year or newer), feel free to check out the video below. Older models may have a backup camera that looks and works a bit different.