hand holding vacuum hose cleaning interior of car

What Tools Do I Need to Detail my Car?

Detailing a car isn’t the same as simply cleaning it out and giving it a wash. Most people take their car to a carwash and use the vacuums there to clean out their car, but it’s nowhere near as deep a clean. Detailing is satisfying to watch, but not everyone finds it enjoyable to do. If you want to detail your own car, check out the rest of this post or bring it into Toyota of Vacaville and have it cleaned right here in Vacaville, California!

Are Car Detailing Tools Expensive?

One downside to doing car detailing on your own is the cost of materials. Sure, you may have a hand-me-down wet/dry vacuum and a lot of motivation, but that might not be enough. Some tools you should have are a powerful wet/dry vacuum with a lot of attachments (including a wet pickup attachment), a pile of microfiber rags or towels, a power drill and scrub attachment, or another motorized scrubbing tool, and a hose attachment or pressure washer. There’s a reason people detail cars as a job because they want to get their money’s worth out of the equipment.

man vacuuming back of car with attachment to hose
man cleaning a tinted window on a car with a few rags

Is Car Detailing Difficult?

As a concept, detailing a car is about as easy as it gets. Physically, it might be demanding or difficult for people with joint pain, flexibility issues, or other problems. Maneuvering vacuum hoses and attachments around corners and under seats can require more flexibility than some can spare. If you don’t have any physical limitations, detailing a car will probably still feel like work, but the satisfaction of having your car nice and clean again is enough of a reward.

Some people just go to a car wash for detailing and trust the workers not to snoop around as they clean inside, so cleaning it yourself might be an attractive option if you are nervous about having other people clean it.