Tips for bringing your pets in the car

5 Tips for Traveling in the Car with your Pet

Let’s face it, in today’s society, pets are becoming more like children. And because we love our children, we like to take them as many places as we can! If bringing your pet on a trip in the car is unavoidable, follow these helpful tips for keeping them safe and stress-free.

5 Tips for Traveling in the Car with your Pets

Tips for Bringing Your Pet in the Car

  1. Prep Your Pet – If you are planning on going on a long trip, being your pet inside the vehicle for a few short trips first. This allows them to get used to the sensation of being in the car and gives them more experience for the journey up ahead.
  2. Bring a Carrier – If possible, put your cat or dog in a carrier that can be securely fastened in the back seat. This is the safest way to travel with your pet, as letting them roam free throughout the car can be stressful on them and a distraction for you.
  3. Allow Plenty of Stops – Make sure you are frequently allowing your pet to get free of their carrier and take a bathroom break. This helps reassure them that they aren’t inside the carrier forever and lets them stretch their legs.
  4. Never Leave Them Locked in the Car – A car sitting the heat on an 85-degree day can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes, so never leave your animal locked inside.
  5. Bring a Pet Bag – Pack a bag with all your pet’s favorite items to make them feel at home, plus items such as a bowl, leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, medication, and first-aid.

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