2017 Toyota Mirai Super Bowl Commercial "Daisy"

Toyota’s California-Only Super Bowl Commercial Showcases the 2017 Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai Super Bowl Commercial “Daisy”

It may have only been shown in California, but Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial showcasing the new Mirai fuel-cell sedan is getting a lot of buzz from Toyota enthusiast and nature-lovers alike. Check out the 50-second spot below!

The 2017 Toyota Mirai Leaves Behind Nothing but Water

Titled “Daisy”, the commercial features a small Daisy growing through the cracks in the road, only to be covered in exhaust and soot from a passing gas-powered car. Cue the new Toyota Mirai, who pulls up onto the scene to unleash the H20 it had stored in the tank, which happens to be the only Hydrogen byproduct of the Hydrogen fuel-powered sedan. The Daisy is then quenched and soon flourishes alongside a few other healthy Daisies.

How Does the Toyota Mirai Work?

It may seem complicated, but the 2017 Toyota Mirai goes through 5 steps to turn hydrogen into fuel in order to make the sedan go.

  1. Hydrogen is pumped into the vehicle’s carbon-fiber holding tanks where it is stored for future use.
  2. The FCV’s intake grill sucks air through the front of the vehicle to deliver to the fuel cell stack.
  3. Hydrogen then travels to the fuel cell stack where it goes through a chemical reaction which creates electricity to power the vehicle.
  4. Electricity from the fuel cell stack is sent to the motor any time the driver presses on the accelerator.
  5. Once the process of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen is finished, the Mirai leaves only water as its byproduct.

Toyota continues to be a leader in the automotive world’s dedication to green technology. If you want to learn more about all that Toyota is doing to save the Earth, check out the Hybrid section of our blog or stop by Toyota of Vacaville for a closer look at our hybrid and electronic vehicles.

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