How to get bumper stickers off your car

If you’ve ever owned a car long-term, especially if ownership spanned from your teenage years through young adulthood and into adulthood, chances are you’ve attached a bumper sticker to the back of your vehicle that you’d rather part ways with. Or maybe the bumper sticker is just getting a little too worn. Either way, if you find yourself in a situation like this (or if you’ve purchased a used vehicle with a bumper sticker), we encourage you to heed the tips outlined below for removing bumper stickers.

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The Hair Dryer Method: 5 Steps to remove bumper stickers

  1. Grab a hair dryer, turn it on full blast, and hold it about six inches away from the sticker.
  2. Wave the dryer across the width of sticker, making sure to heat it up evenly.
  3. Use your fingernail or a credit card to grab the corner of the sticker and slowly start peeling it back. Avoid pulling up—instead, pull across the sticker, keeping the corner close to the rest of the sticker.
  4. Once the sticker is off, let the area cool.
  5. Then, use WD-40 or an automotive adhesive cleaner to remove the rest of the adhesive.

Other ways to get rid of bumper stickers on your vehicle

For those of you who’d rather not use a hair dryer (or don’t have access to one), no need to worry. There are other ways!

Use WD-40 (or other lubricant). Peel back a corner of the sticker with your fingernail or a credit card. Spray the lubricant under the sticker to release the seal. Continue peeling and spraying until the sticker has been completely removed.

Stay away from using nail polish remover on painted parts of your car as that can eat away at the paint. However, nail polish remover can be used to remove stickers from windows.

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