how to increase car resale value

How to increase vehicle resale value

If you are preparing to put your vehicle up for sale, there are a few key things you can do to make your vehicle more valuable to potential buyers. From small fixes to a nice good wash, the little things can make a big difference in selling price and car value. Here are a few tips to increase your vehicle’s resale value.
preparing your vehicle to sell

5 Ways to increase car resale value

  1. Give your car a good wash, dry, and wax. This is a basic action you can take, but it’s amazing how much better and more valuable a clean vehicle looks than a dirty one.
  2. Repair obvious dents and dings. If your vehicle has quite a few dents and you can spare some cash, it might pay off to have them repaired before selling your car.
  3. Deep clean the vehicle interior. Prospective buyers are likely trying to picture themselves inside the car, so a nice, clean interior can make a huge difference. You might even choose to replace worn floor mats or pay a professional to clean tricky materials such as leather.
  4. If your headlight or taillight bulbs haven’t been replace in a while, consider having them replaced. Since they usually last a long time, potential buyers will love hearing that they are brand new.
  5. Do some research before picking a price. Get to know how much your car is worth and list a price that is reasonable according to its projected value and other work that has been put into it.

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