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Can I Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Vacaville, CA?

As automotive technology develops, confidence in synthetic oil has increased. Some have worried that synthetic oil is bad for their car, but the opposite is often true. Synthetic oil has a lot of advantages. If you want to have those advantages for yourself, bring your Toyota back to Ammaar’s Toyota Vacaville in Vacaville, California!

How is Synthetic Oil Made?

Although synthetic oil contains oil made from crude oil like standard motor oil, it also includes additives and other chemicals made to make the oil last longer, flow better, and protect your car’s moving parts from damaging friction more efficiently.

Can my Car Use Synthetic Oil?

Almost any car can use synthetic oil. In fact, many cars will recommend synthetic oil instead of regular oil, especially performance cars. If your car is especially old, synthetic oil is often a better choice, as it can protect parts worn by high mileage better. Otherwise, check your car’s owner’s manual if you still aren’t sure.

man changing oil out of car
man checking oil level on oil dispstick

Where Can I Get an Oil Change with Synthetic Oil?

If we have convinced you to use synthetic oil, schedule an appointment with the Toyota of Vacaville service and parts department and bring your car in so we can change your oil with synthetic oil. Other places may offer quick oil changes, but we have access to proprietary Toyota motor oil for the best health for your engine and other parts.

Is Synthetic Oil More Expensive?

Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil because it has added chemicals that help your car run better. If you plan to buy a quart or two and add to or change your oil yourself, you will find that a synthetic oil or a blend costs more than conventional oil, but not by much. Consider it an investment, as your car should be able to run longer without needing a change. Less frequent oil changes mean you save money in the end.