pouring blue windshield washer fluid into reservoir

What Windshield Washer Fluid Should I Use?

Unless you just filled up your windshield washer fluid reservoir, now is likely a good time to check up on your washer fluid levels. If you need to get more, do you know what type of washer fluid you will buy? There are more options out there than you might know of, so read our quick guide so you can be armed with knowledge before you hit the aisles.

Is it Bad to Use cheap Windshield Washer Fluid?

It’s always tempting to pick up a gallon or two of cheap, usually blue windshield washer fluid. This fluid is basically watered-down window cleaner and it sells for less than anything but tap water. There is nothing wrong with using cheap windshield washer fluid, especially if you stay in the Vacaville area all the time. Don’t use water, as it can leave spots and freeze.

Should I Buy Water-Repelling Washer Fluid?

Rain may be uncommon in Vacaville, California, but when it does come, wouldn’t you like to be prepared? Purchase a few jugs of water-repelling washer fluid. This fluid coats your windshield so any water that drops on it beads up and rolls away. If you encounter heavy rain, your windshield will be easier to see through than if you just used cheap washer fluid.

blank washer fluid bottles and wiper blades
wipers washing rain off windshield

Should I Buy Bug Wash?

Bug wash is specially formulated to break down bug guts and other smears you might get on your windshield. Other fluids will just turn bug parts into bumps your windshield wipers will skip over, but a good bug wash is ideal if you encounter a lot of bugs.

Should I Buy Antifreeze Washer Fluid?

If you stay in Vacaville, California, you will rarely, if ever need low-temperature washer fluid. If you travel far enough north or east, it might be a good idea to change your washer fluid out for something that protects against freezing, but it still would be a rare need.