close up on windshield wiper

How to Change Windshield Wipers on your Toyota

Windshield wipers can be difficult to change if you haven’t done it before or never seen someone do it. Part of the problem is that not all wiper blades are made the same. Since most Toyota vehicles have a J-hook style wiper blade arm, we will share with you how to replace one of these wiper blades. If you don’t want to change them yourself, you can bring your car to the Toyota of Vacaville service department and we can change them out for you instead! Or just come and buy wipers from us and put them on yourself.

How to Disconnect and Old Windshield Wiper

Since replacing windshield wipers can be a bit confusing sometimes, we are also providing a short youtube video at the bottom of this blog post that you can refer to if that’s easier.

  1. Lift the blade arm away from the windshield. You might want to put a folded rag on the windshield to cushion it in case the arm swings down accidentally.
  2. Turn the blade 90 degrees so it is perpendicular to the blade arm.
  3. Locate the tab that holds the blade on the hook, press, and hold it in while pulling the back of the blade down toward the vehicle.
  4. The hook will push the soft rubber part of the blade out of shape, but it will give you enough room to slide the blade to the side so you can slide the hook out of the hole in the blade arm.
  5. Lift the bad blade off the hook and dispose of it.
hands holding windshield wiper blades
hands changing windshield wiper blade on car

How to Put on a New Windshield Wiper

  1. Hold your new blade with the rubber facing up, locate the rotating part near the center, and turn it 90 degrees.
  2. Slide the hole in the solid part of the back of the blade (where the rotating piece used to rest) over the hook of the blade arm.
  3. Fit the hook of the blade arm over the rotating part of the blade and pull the solid back of the wiper blade away from the vehicle until it makes a “click” to indicate that it is secure.
  4. Rotate the blade so it is in line with the blade arm, remove your protective rag from the windshield and lay the blade arm into place. You’re Done!

Or, if you’d rather watch someone do it, here’s a video: