2022 Toyota Corolla Cross stopped at crosswalk

What is the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross?

Sometimes Toyota likes to throw out a few surprises here and there just to keep everyone on their toes. Just recently, that surprise has been the announcement of the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross. As if the Corolla name wasn’t already one of the most important names in the entire automotive industry, Toyota is making another reason for people to buy it. The famous sedan and sometime hatchback, wagon, and even coupe, is now poised to conquer the crossover segment. Watch for the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross to arrive at Ammaar’s Toyota of Vacaville soon!

Why is Toyota Making Another Crossover?

Considering how many crossover vehicles Toyota already makes, it might seem a little strange that Toyota would consider crowding the market even more, but there’s some wisdom behind this choice. Aside from name recognition, the Corolla offers an alternative to the RAV4 that is more aimed at first-time crossover buyers, and it offers Corolla fans a Corolla with far more cargo space than the current sedan or hatchback models could ever hope to achieve. The recent re-release of the Venza hasn’t hurt the 4Runner or Highlander, so the Corolla Cross should only serve to draw more attention to the RAV4 and C-HR.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross parked overlooking city
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior screen on

How Does the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Differ from the RAV4?

Visually, many might not be able to tell the difference between the two cars right away. Since their sizes are similar and their profiles are comparable, the best way to tell them apart is by style. To put it simply, the Toyota Corolla Cross is a more suburban-themed crossover, geared to the sensibilities of young couples, small families, and others who just need more space than a Corolla sedan or hatchback.

The Toyota RAV4 can be distinguished by its rugged exterior. From prominent roof rails and two-tone roof options to bulkier wheel wells, the RAV4 makes a bigger show of its capability than the Corolla Cross.