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How efficient is the 2021 Corolla?

2021 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid efficiency and range

There are several options available for the 2021 Corolla. Do you want to learn the 2021 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hybrid efficiency and range? We can get into it. There isn’t just one set of efficiency numbers for this car, but many across the Corolla lineup. Not only do you have the hybrid, which will obviously change the efficiency, but you will also see changes with different engine options and even different transmission options.

What are the efficiency numbers for all 2021 Corolla trim levels?

We will run through all those options below and tell you what trims each option is available with. It’s worth noting that some higher trim levels may have slightly reduced efficiency due to increased weight from additional features.


Transmission: CVT
Trim Levels: L, LE, XLE
Best Efficiency (City/Highway/Combined):

1.8-Liter Hybrid

Transmission: CVT
Trim Levels: LE
Best Efficiency (City/Highway/Combined):


Transmission: CVT
Trim Levels: SE, SE Nightshade, SE Apex, XSE, XSE Apex
Best Efficiency (City/Highway/Combined):


Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim Levels: SE, SE Apex
Best Efficiency (City/Highway/Combined):

2021 Toyota Corolla gauge cluster

What is the fuel tank capacity of 2021 Corolla models?

The fuel tank capacity will tell you just how far you can drive on a single tank of gas, hence your range. All non-hybrid Corolla models give you an impressive 13.2 gallons of fuel tank capacity. The hybrid cuts that down a little bit and gives you 11.4 gallons of capacity.

How much interior space does the 2021 Corolla have?

2021 Toyota Corolla black back view

What is the range of the 2021 Corolla?

To determine the range, all you have to do is multiply the efficiency by the fuel tank capacity. Now we have a lot of efficiency figures up there, but to get a good real-world estimate, we can just use the combined efficiency for each configuration. Again, note that these are the best-combined efficiency numbers for the engine and transmission combination and may not reflect all Corolla trim levels.

The 1.8-liter with the standard CVT gives you a combined range of 435.6 miles. The 2.0 liter gets a combined range of 448.8 miles with the CVT and 422.4 with the 6-speed manual. Lastly, the hybrid, despite having a smaller fuel tank size, beats them all with a combined range of 592.8 miles.