Toyota bZ4X concept on pier

What is the Toyota bZ4X?

It’s an interesting time for Toyota and a lot of automakers. As electric car models are being announced by just about every brand out there, Toyota isn’t going to fall behind. As one of the all-time leaders in hybrid technology, it’s about time Toyota announce an all-electric vehicle or at least a concept for one.

Is the Toyota bZ4X a concept car?

Since the name isn’t exactly catchy, it makes sense that the bZ4X is a concept for an all-electric Toyota, not an impending member of the lineup. Still, the concept looks like an electric version of the Toyota RAV4 or a shortened Highlander. The platform this vehicle is built on is planned to be a regular part of the automaker’s future, so the bZ4X may end up being a real model in a year or two.

Toyota bZ4X concept charging on rooftop
Toyota bZ4X concept interior steering wheel and displays

Is the Toyota bZ4X an All-Electric Car?

The bZ4X concept is designed to showcase the potential for electric cars, especially within the Toyota lineup. Unlike the many hybrids and plug-in hybrids before it, this vehicle wouldn’t need gasoline at all. This means the bZ4X uses a battery and electric motors to make the wheels turn. That’s also why the front radiator doesn’t look like a normal radiator, it doesn’t need one.

What Does bZ4X Mean?

While information on this model is still somewhat limited, we do know that “bZ” stands for “beyond Zero.” The vehicle is the first concept built on the bZ platform of cars built to not only reach carbon neutrality but to actually have a net positive impact on the environment. Should the bZ4X become a standard part of the lineup, expect to hear about recycled materials, energy efficiency, vegan materials, and more.

To venture a guess, the “4” may be used to refer to the RAV4, which this model seems to be imitating. The “X” is most likely used in reference to the vehicle being a crossover. As new information comes out about this vehicle, we won’t need to guess, so follow our blog and stay up to date on all of the latest models from Toyota!