emergency light on police vehicle at night

Vacaville, CA Drivers: “Move Over, Slow Down” Law Amended

In case you didn’t know, driving laws in California are changing a little bit every year. As of the beginning of 2021 the “Move Over, Slow Down” law that was already in effect is being updated to further improve the safety of workers with emergency vehicles. To learn more details about this change, continue reading the rest of this blog post. Also, come visit us at Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California, today!

“Move Over, Slow Down” Law Extended to Other Roadways

While the practice of moving out of the lane next to a stopped emergency vehicle has been common on freeways, the law now applies to other roads and streets. There have been enough incidents where emergency workers have been endangered that the law had to be updated.

close up on red and blue lights on police car
tow truck picking up a white car

What Counts as an Emergency Vehicle?

Emergency vehicles are more than just police cars and fire trucks. Tow trucks, Caltrans vehicles, and any other vehicle with emergency lights should be treated the same way. The amendment also states that vehicles should move over a lane (or slow down when moving a lane is not possible) when the emergency vehicle’s lights are flashing.