person texting and driving close up on hands at wheel

Updated Distracted Driving Law About to Go Into Effect in Vacaville, CA

It should be common sense that driving while distracted isn’t a good thing. It should also come as no surprise that laws exist to punish those who deliberately do distracting activities like texting while driving, yet it still happens every day. While a fine for distracted driving is already the law in California, the law is updating effective July 1st, 2021. Learn more about what’s coming by reading the rest of this entry. If you are looking for a new car, come visit Toyota of Vacaville in Vacaville, California today!

You Can Get Points on your Driving Record for Distracted Driving

If you get caught texting or talking once on the phone while driving (except for hands-free text and talk methods) you can already get fined, but it gets worse if you get caught a second time within 36 months. Under an updated version of the distracted driving law, you might have a point recorded on your driver’s record.

young woman texting and driving
hands texting while driving on old cell phone

Needless to say, California is looking to tighten up on traffic hazards arising from distracted driving. Be sure to stay safe on the roads and eliminate distractions while you drive. Replying to that text you just got can wait!