Side view of blue-grey 2021 Toyota Venza

What’s the fuel economy of the 2021 Toyota Venza?

Toyota recently unveiled the 2021 Toyota Venza — and the all-new crossover doesn’t disappoint, with its stylish design, a roomy, comfortable, and quiet interior, advanced multimedia and driving assistance technologies, and impressive driving dynamics. The 2021 Venza also gets a high fuel economy with its sophisticated hybrid system.

2021 Toyota Venza Fuel Economy

You won’t have to make frequent stops at the gas pump with the 2021 Venza, for it gets an estimated fuel economy of 40 combined mpg. The high efficiency of the Venza can mostly be attributed to its hybrid system, which includes three electric motors, a lithium-ion battery, and a 2.5-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine. The engine has several features that aid efficiency, including the Variable Valve Timing-intelligent system by Electric motor (VVT-iE), a fully variable oil pump, and a variable cooling system. Additionally, the Venza utilizes brake regeneration technology, which captures kinetic energy that’s emitted when you apply the brakes.

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Performance Characteristics of the 2021 Toyota Venza

Front view of blue-grey 2021 Toyota Venza

Not only does the Venza provide high efficiency, but it’s also fun-to-drive. The hybrid system delivers a total system output of 219 horsepower. With the electric motors, the Venza boasts effortless, quick, and quiet acceleration. For performance customization, the Venza has selectable settings for ECO, EV, NORMAL, and SPORT. The NORMAL mode is suitable for everyday driving, while the SPORT mode provides a more responsive driving experience. The ECO mode maximizes fuel economy, while the EV mode enables you to drive on electric-only power for short distances.

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With the Active Cornering Assist feature, the Venza provides confident handling when driving around corners. Also, with the Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system, the Venza has excellent traction when driving on slippery surfaces and challenging terrains.