2021 Toyota Prius blue and white

What 2021 Toyota hybrids are currently offered at Toyota Vacaville

New hybrid vehicles available in Vacaville CA

Hybrid models are growing in popularity, especially in California. Luckily, a certain very popular brand keeps expanding its hybrid lineup. If you are looking for new hybrid vehicles available in Vacaville, CA, then you need to consider a Toyota and that means coming to Toyota Vacaville. We’ll show you inventory listings, research pages, efficiency, and give you a general run down of the Toyota hybrid offerings.

2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid blue and silver

Toyota Hybrid cars and sedans in Vacaville

Toyota has an expansive hybrid lineup in the cars and sedans department. Of course, they have the Prius which has been the flagship hybrid car for Toyota for decades now, but also most of the sedan lineup also has hybrid variants available including the Corolla, Camry, and Avalon. Check out our research pages and our inventory below at Toyota of Vacaville along with some efficiency numbers.


54-City / 50-Highway

Corolla Hybrid

53-City / 52-Highway

Camry Hybrid

51-City / 53-Highway

Avalon Hybrid

43-City / 44-Highway

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid red and silver

Toyota hybrid crossovers and SUVs in Vacaville

Would you rather have an SUV or crossover? Good news! Many models in the expanding crossover and SUV category of the Toyota lineup offer hybrid drivetrains. The all-new Venza is even a hybrid-only model. We’ve also included the Sienna minivan in this category which is now a hybrid only model like the Venza and the Prius.


41-City / 38-Highway


40-City / 37-Highway


36-City / 35-Highway


36-City / 36-Highway

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Hybrid red

Plug-in hybrid Toyota models available in Vacaville

A plug-in hybrid can be operated just like a normal hybrid. The key difference is that you can also drive them on electric power alone for short distances. Plug it in inside your garage overnight and enjoy some electric-only driving. Once you run out of charge, the hybrid drivetrain kicks back in as normal. Toyota now has two plug-in models, and they denote them with the Prime name. The RAV4 Prime and the Prius Prime are the current plug-in hybrids for 2021.

Prius Prime

25 Miles

RAV4 Prime

42 Miles