What accessories does the Toyota Tacoma offer for camping?

Camping requires a variety of equipment, whether you’re looking to stay in a tent or camper. On top of some form of shelter, you also need sleeping bags, food, cooking supplies, activities, clothing, toiletries, and more. Fortunately, Toyota offers multiple accessories to help you transport and store such equipment. Check out some of the available camping accessories for the Toyota Tacoma below.

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6 Accessories for camping with your Tacoma

  1. Cargo Divider – If you’d like to separate your camping supplies and equipment in the bed of your Tacoma, the sturdy cargo divider is perfect for you.
  2. Cargo Net – The cargo net has a similar purpose to the divider, though it’s not as stiff, so it works better for softer and smaller items, such as sleeping bags or sports equipment.
  3. Mini Tie-Downs with Hooks – The tie-downs and hooks are meant to help keep your equipment firm and secure in the bed of your truck, allowing you to transport your gear more confidently.
  4. Roof Rack – If you’re looking to transport more gear than what fits in the bed, a roof rack is what you need. You can secure up to 100 pounds of equipment, such as kayaks or bikes.
  5. Trailer Ball – Whether you’d like to tow a camper, trailer, or boat on your next camping trip, you’ll need a trailer ball on your Tacoma hitch.
  6. Truck Bed D-Rings – Similar to the tie-downs and hooks, the D-rings are durable and can secure your equipment with rachet-type tie-downs or heavy-gauge rope.




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The Tacoma isn’t the only Toyota model that offers these great accessories for camping. Check out the full list of available accessories for your Toyota model and get in touch with our team at Toyota Vacaville if you find one that suits your needs!