What color options are available on the 2019 Toyota Sienna?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you want to make sure you get one in a color you like. Although it may not be at the front of your mind when considering your options, the last thing you want is a car in a color that you hate. So, why not at least be aware of your options? Here are the nine different exterior color options that are available on the 2019 Toyota Sienna. Take a look below to determine which one best suits you. Read the rest of this entry >>


What’s included with the 2019 Toyota Tacoma SX Package?

With 32 different Tacoma variations to choose from for the 2019 model-year, it’s safe to say you’ll be able to find a Toyota Tacoma model that suits your needs. If you’d like something new and unique, then you may be interested in the 2019 Toyota Tacoma SX Package, which features a black-out theme and special design elements made to stand out on the road. Read the rest of this entry >>


When to use the VSC OFF button in your Toyota vehicle

Modern vehicles have several different features and buttons, allowing drivers to adjust vehicle capabilities and take advantage of a variety of elements, depending on each situation. If you’ve ever noticed the VSC OFF button (which may also look like a car sliding) in your Toyota car, you may have asked yourself when you might need to use the button to turn the feature off and back on again. Read the rest of this entry >>


2019 Toyota 4Runner vs 4Runner Nightshade

For 2019, there aren’t many updates on the Toyota 4Runner. That being said, there is one very exciting addition to the 4Runner lineup—the Nightshade Special Edition. A new twist on the Limited grade, the Toyota 4Runner Nightshade has some impressive elements that set it apart from the crowd in more ways than one. Come along with us as we explore the features of the 2019 4Runner Nightshade compared to the standard 4Runner Limited model. Read the rest of this entry >>