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How to make sure your vehicle is ready for a summer road trip

California summers are a beautiful time to gather family or friends and take a road trip. Whether you have a destination in mind or not, the picturesque scenery is a great excuse to drive along the coast or through the countryside. Before you leave, however, here are a few things to check on your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for a California summer road trip.

7 Things to check on your car before leaving on a California road trip

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  1. Now is the perfect time to check out that noise your car’s been making or find out why your check engine light is on. Bring your car into Toyota Vacaville to get a tune-up and make sure it’s ready for a long trip.
  2. Preparing for a road trip is also an ideal time to get a lube, oil, and filter change. If your vehicle is past due or getting close to needing an oil change, consider having it done before you leave for your trip.
  3. Are your vehicle’s interior features up to the task? Make sure your car’s air conditioner is working properly so riders don’t have to sit in the summer heat. Your GPS system will help get you from point A to point B and back, so make sure it’s up to date and functioning well.
  4. Clean out the clutter and garbage inside your vehicle and wipe down the windows. A clean car makes for a better trip for everyone.
  5. Check under the hood to make sure your car’s fluids are topped off and devoid of leaks.
  6. Monitor your vehicle’s tire pressure and fill up if necessary. A well-inflated tire will make for a smoother, more efficient ride.
  7. Pack a car emergency kit with tools, duct tape, jumper cables, additional car liquids, and more in case something happens to your vehicle in a remote area.

Is your car ready for a summer road trip? Our team at Toyota Vacaville can take care of your car maintenance needs. Contact us for more information and check out our current service coupons.

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