Volunteering at Food Pantries near Vacaville, CA

Although the holidays are typically a popular time for people to volunteer and give back to the community, it’s an important need that exists throughout the entire year. Ahead of the popular holiday season, we wanted to highlight some of the Vacaville Food Pantries where you can volunteer your time or donate food.

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people volunteering at food bank

Vacaville Storehouse

1146 E. Monte Vista Ave. | Vacaville, CA | (707) 454-0268

The Vacaville Storehouse provides food for families in need in Vacaville and is open for at least a few hours per day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you are interested in volunteering at the Storehouse or learning more about what that would entail, feel free to fill out the online volunteer form or get in touch with them by phone or in person.

Vaca Fish Food Bank

40 Eldridge Ave. | Vacaville, CA | (707) 447-5482

Since 1971, Vaca Fish Food Bank has been assisting those who are less fortunate in Vacaville and Elmira. Vaca Fish provides 9 meals, enough food to feed families for 3 days, as well as special food baskets around certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, you can give Vaca Fish a call. Volunteer schedules are set up at the beginning of each month.

First Baptist Church of Vacaville

1127 Davis St. | Vacaville, CA | (707) 448-6209

First Baptist Church of Vacaville takes part in several different ministries in an effort to connect individuals and give back to those less fortunate. Food Ministry is one of the ways they aim to help out individuals and families in the Vacaville area. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about volunteer and donation opportunities.

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