Two blue 2018 Toyota C-HR models next to each other

See Toyota’s new, creative advertisements promoting its new crossover SUV

Watch the 2018 Toyota C-HR fairytale commercial ads

Whenever a brand releases a vehicle, chances are there’s a commercial that comes with it. Toyota is constantly finding creative ways to introduce its vehicles, and one of the ways they advertised the all-new, 2018 Toyota C-HR was through fairytales. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Toyota’s new commercial ads, here’s your chance! We’ve compiled a few of the official videos below, so that you don’t have to wonder what everyone’s been talking about.


The first ad we have is entitled Cinderella”, and depicts woman trying to create a dress for a fashion show in a hurry. She hops in the C-HR to gather materials when another woman – a fairy godmother of sorts – shows up to assist. While the women are busying themselves getting the dress ready in the vehicle, the C-HR’s Lane Departure Warning is featured, keeping them from driving into the wrong lane. See the commercial below!

Gingerbread Man

The premise of “The Gingerbread Man” – the next commercial in the series – shows several people chasing the C-HR through various scenes. During the commercial, a narrator recites the Gingerbread Man’s story in the background, insinuating that no one can catch the vehicle. In the end, another fairytale-like creature does capture the C-HR and keeps it for herself. You can see the commercial right here!


Another one of the commercials – “Rapunzel” – is in Spanish, and features a girl trapped at a fancy gathering. She begins to be followed by a woman who is seemingly up to no good, while two people come to rescue her in a C-HR. By the end of the commercial, she uses her hair to fly down to the level of the parking ramp, where the C-HR (her getaway car) awaits. If you’re curious to see this commerical, watch it below!


2018 Toyota C-HR side profile

What colors does the Toyota C-HR come in?

When you are shopping for a new vehicle there are many factors to consider and one of these is the exterior color. This might not seem that important, but we think it’s vital to make sure a vehicle comes in the color you want before you get invested. Check out the color options for the 2018 Toyota C-HR below!

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