2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback red on cobblestone

Why are Hatchbacks Disliked in the United States?

Something you tend to notice when you watch a television show or a movie based in Europe is how common hatchback cars are in other countries. Despite being thought of as ugly in some regions, many countries outside the United States see the hatchback as a practical, economical alternative to driving a sedan. Let’s examine why hatchbacks don’t find the same success here that they do in other countries further in this post. Come visit Toyota of Vacaville for new and used cars in Vacaville, California!

What are the Advantages of Hatchback Cars?

Hatchback cars have one distinct advantage over their sedan counterparts. Where sedans have trunks that might not have all that much space for larger cargo, hatchbacks have a full door at the back with taller, easier-to-access cargo space. Even when comparing a hatchback to a similarly sized crossover, the hatchback comes back with an advantage in fuel efficiency.

Why Don’t Americans Buy Hatchbacks?

The truth is, Americans do still buy hatchbacks, just way less often than people in other countries. College students, amateur musicians, and other young drivers are more likely to buy hatchbacks because they combine the storage capabilities of a crossover and the fuel efficiency of a sedan. They look quirky by modern standards in the United States, but for some, that’s more of an advantage than anything.

2021 Toyota Corolla hatchback blue with man
2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback interior front cabin
2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback blue by shipping containers

What Hatchbacks Does Toyota Make?

Toyota produces a few hatchback models, but you often have to order one or look around for a while to find one. The Toyota Corolla is sold in hatchback form, and the Toyota Prius has often looked more like a hatchback than a sedan. The Toyota Yaris was also sold as a hatchback, but the Yaris as a whole seems to have left production as of 2020, so this might be especially hard to find. Come visit Toyota of Vacaville and ask a representative if there are any hatchback models currently available.