Can you extend your Toyota lease?

If you are currently leasing a new Toyota vehicle and nearing the end of your lease term, you are likely considering what to do next. Are you looking to lease a different model? Do you want to purchase the vehicle you’re leasing? What about extending your Toyota lease? Below, we have expanded on some of your options, so you can better determine your next steps.

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What are your lease-end options?

In short, you have three different paths you can take at the end of a Toyota lease, and, unfortunately, extending the lease is not one of them. We’re confident, however, that at least one of the three choices will work for your situation.

1. Turn in your leased model and choose a new Toyota

If you’d like to continue leasing a new Toyota, all you have to do is return the model you are currently leasing and choose a new one. You may also choose to purchase a new vehicle rather than lease it.

2. Buy the vehicle you’re currently leasing

If you absolutely adore the Toyota you’re leasing, you can opt to purchase that exact vehicle at the end of your lease, giving you complete ownership.

3. Return your leased vehicle to the dealership

If you are no longer in need of a vehicle or have made other arrangements for a replacement, then you can simply return your leased Toyota model to the dealership you leased it from.

No matter which one of these lease-end options you’d like you to pursue, we invite you to get in touch with our team at Toyota Vacaville to learn more. Our financial experts are ready and willing to help you find the leasing or financing plan that best fits your lifestyle and budget!