how to use 2015 Toyota Camry voice recognition navigation system

How to use voice recognition to reach your destination in the 2015 Toyota Camry

With the 2015 Toyota Camry, drivers have several functional technology features at their finger tips. But before you can enjoy the exciting new elements, you need to know how to use them first! Our team at Toyota Vacaville is here to help. Follow these useful steps that will walk you through how to use voice commands for the 2015 Toyota Camry Entune navigation system.
2015 Toyota Camry steering wheel voice recognition activation

How to use voice commands for 2015 Toyota Camry Entune navigation

The Entune voice recognition system is particularly smart and can recognize your voice when you speak clearly and audibly in English. All you need to do to activate voice recognition is press the voice button on the steering wheel.

If you want to reach a specific address, say, “Enter an address,” then speak the address like normal–house number, street name, city, state. Matching addresses will show up on the screen and you can select the number by pressing it on the screen or speaking the number out loud. Finally, you can opt to, “Go directly,” if you are changing a previous destination or, “Add to existing route,” to add this address to your route.

voice recognition with 2015 Toyota Camry Entune navigation screenIf you wish to search for a point of interest, say, “Find a POI,” then, “Near here.” Then you are able to search the area for a location category, such as restaurant or gas station, or brand, such as Starbucks or Walmart. Finally, you can choose to proceed to the destination directly or add it to your existing route.

If you are returning home, say, “Go home.” This will only work if your home address is set in the Entune system. In order to do that, you must register your address while the vehicle is stopped. Once you say your command, the route home will display on the screen, and you can touch OK.

For more information about using voice commands for the 2015 Toyota Camry’s Entune navigation system, contact our team at Toyota Vacaville.