What Does the Toyota FT-4X Look Like?

What Does the Toyota FT-4X Look Like?

Toyota FT-4X Concept Photo Gallery

If you’ve ever found yourself staring out the window, longing for an escape to the mountains or beach, you definitely aren’t alone. Toyota understands the need to get away, that’s why they created the Toyota FT-4X, a Four-Wheel Drive Crossover that’s perfect for spontaneous individuals who play as hard as they work. Filled with outdoorsy amenities aplenty, the Toyota FT-4X makes sure that you have everything you need to leave a moment’s notice. Take a look at the exclusive pictures below!

Toyota FT-4X Mulit-Hatch
Toyota FT-4X Top View
Toyota FT-4X Front of the Cabin with Removable Armrests
Toyota FT-4X Dashboard
Toyota FT-4X Flat Cargo
Toyota FT-4X with seats down
Toyota FT-4X Open Hatch
Toyota FT-4X Passenger Seat and Dash
Toyota FT-4X Cargo Storage
Toyota FT-4X Cargo Capacity

If the Toyota FT-4X seems like the perfect vehicle for you, be sure to check back with our blog here at Toyota Vacaville as we update with information as it gets released!

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