How to pair your iPhone with the 2015 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth

How to pair iPhone with 2015 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth

Toyota’s Entune system allows drivers to experience the latest technologies at their fingertips. But first, drivers must understand how to effectively use these features. At Toyota Vacaville, we want our customers to have enjoyable trips and commutes, so we wanted to share with you how to pair your iPhone with the 2015 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth.

Bluetooth pairing iPhone with 2015 Toyota Corolla
Bluetooth pairing with your iPhone and the 2015 Toyota Corolla can be quick and simple. Follow these easy steps, and you will be connected in no time!

  1. On your iPhone, go to the home screen and select Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth and slide the button to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.
  3. Now, your iPhone will search for other Bluetooth devices, which is where Toyota’s Entune system comes in.
  4. On the Entune Multimedia Head Unit, press the SETUP button.
  5. Select BLUETOOTH, then ADD to make the unit accessible to your iPhone.
  6. On your iPhone, you will now see your 2015 Toyota Corolla device in your Bluetooth settings.
  7. If necessary, enter the provided PIN on your iPhone to verify the connection.

In order for the Entune system to gain access to your iPhone’s audio and contacts, you may have to alter your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. Once access is allowed, you will be able to control your iPhone with voice commands and steering wheel buttons. Congratulations! Your iPhone is now paired with the 2015 Toyota Corolla.

If you are interested in learning more about Toyota’s Entune Multimedia Head Unit or pairing your iPhone with the 2015 Toyota Corolla Bluetooth, contact our professionals at Toyota Vacaville. Those looking to browse our vehicles can take a look at our new or used car inventory. We look forward to helping you find your right fit!