dashboard view of a Toyota with the hand of the driver holding a phone with Wi-Fi signal on the phone's screen

Stay Connected to Your Friends and Family with Toyota Wi-Fi Connect! 

How Do I Use My Toyota Wi-Fi Hotspot? 

All Toyota owners know that Toyota vehicles are great performers with exceptional fuel economy and off-road capabilities. Along with exhilarating performance, Toyota vehicles offer a range of convenience features to keep everyone comfortable on long rides. In addition to comfort, they also provide peace of mind with their connected services.  

Toyota connected services include a range of features to assist you while you are on the go. From roadside assistance to remote connection to maintenance updates, these services will always keep you updated. One of the most talked-about connected services of Toyota models is Wi-Fi Connect. Continue reading if you want to learn how to use the Toyota Wi-Fi Hotspot from our team at Ammar’s Toyota Vacaville in Vacaville, CA. 

a man using his laptop while sitting on the bed of a Toyota truck

What is Toyota Wi-Fi Connect? 

With Wi-Fi Connect, you can turn your Toyota into a hotspot with 4G connectivity on the AT&T wireless network. AT&T wireless network is America’s best provider, allowing you to play games, use your email, and stream TV shows, music, and movies.

When you turn on your Toyota’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you can simultaneously connect up to five devices. And the best part? It even works in proximity outside of your vehicle! 

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How Do I Connect to Toyota Wi-Fi? 

Before learning about the steps to connect to Toyota Wi-Fi, you must know that your Toyota vehicle must be running or in the accessory mode for your Wi-Fi Hotspot to work. To connect to the Toyota Wi-Fi Hotspot, ensure your device’s Wi-Fi access is turned on.  

To connect your device to the Wi-Fi Hotspot, follow the steps below: 

  • Search and select the Access Point Name from the Wi-Fi networks list on your device. 
  • Enter the displayed Wi-Fi password and connect. 

If you don’t know the Access Point Name of your Toyota’s Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can find out with the following steps: 

  • Press the Menu button. 
  • Tap Setup. 
  • Tap Wi-Fi. 
  • Tap Access Point Name. 

If you want to find the password of your Toyota’s Wi-Fi network, you can do the following: 

  • Press the Menu button. 
  • Tap Setup. 
  • Tap Wi-Fi. 
  • Tap Password and toggle Show Characters to On. 
side view of a girl sitting in the rear seat of a Toyota using her tablet while wearing white headphones

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Now that you know how to use your Toyota Wi-Fi Hotspot, wait no more and enjoy 4G connectivity on the road! Alternatively, you can contact us at Ammaar’s Toyota Vacaville in Vacaville, CA, if you have other questions regarding your Toyota vehicle.