tips for cleaning the inside of your car

7 Tips for Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the inside of your car? If it’s been awhile, you may want to consider taking some time to follow these tips and clean the inside of your car like it’s never been cleaned before.

How to Get a Clean Car Interior

how to have a clean vehicle interior

1. The Dust and Vacuum Trick

For that dust gathered on your vehicle’s vents, knobs, and dashboard, you can do more than just wipe the dust. To keep the dust from immediately settling elsewhere inside your vehicle, vacuum the dust as you wipe it.

2. The Magic Eraser

For those sticky messes on vinyl or leather, take to a Magic Eraser. They honestly work like magic to remove the sticky substance and stain. But be careful not to rub too hard so you don’t damage the material.

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3. Goodbye Pet Hair

If you let your pet hop in the backseat fairly often, chances are your cloth seats have acquired a generous amount of hair. All you need for this problem is a spray bottle filled with water and a rubber squeegee blade. Simply spray the cloth seats with water and comb the squeegee over to pull up the hair. When clumps of pet hair start to form, you can easily vacuum them up!

4. Stain-Free Floor Mats

Dirty floor mats can be clean again–it is possible! Spray your stain-ridden floor mats with stain remover, scrub it in, and throw them into the washing machine. Let them dry in the sun, and be amazed!

5. Scrub the Cracks

Although it may not be obvious, dirt has likely made its way into the vinyl texture cracks. You can take care of this problem by diluting dish soap, scrubbing with a tooth brush, and wiping the dirt away.

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